Cardiff Tutor Company is a provider that helps with one to one revision for your exams. If you are looking at GCSE equivalent qualifications, functional skills English level 2 is a qualification you can receive which is accepted by employers and Universities since it is Ofqual regulated, therefore approved by the UK government. It would be beneficial to search for functional skills to get support for the exam.

We work with MME to help provide you with the cheapest online exam provider and the quickest result turnaround so you can get your exam as soon as possible. You can contact MME via email at or call them on 020 3633 5145 who will help support you while booking your exam. When you have booked your exam, you will be set up with functional skills resources to help prepare for your exam. Even if you are preparing for a different exam board for example City Guilds functional skills qualification or Edexcel, the functional skills resources will help you.

If you want to book your English online functional skills level 2 exam yourself, there is an online booking system where you can select the date you would like to sit your exam.There are three papers for the exam which are reading, writing and speaking, listening and communicating. You have to pass all three exams to receive the qualification, but if you didn’t pass one of the exams, you will only have to resit that one and not all three.