Cardiff Tutor company are pleased to be working with MME to provide the GCSE Equivalency test to allow prospective trainee teachers gain access onto teacher training courses and allow others to gain access to higher education.

MME provides all the best resources available to ensure everyone on the course has the highest possible chance of passing the GCSE equivalency tests. They have an online revision course available any time of day so you can fit the revision into your schedule and they also provide you with a set of GCSE flashcards, 2 mock exams which are professionally marked and 3 past papers for you to do with the mark scheme.

Following the UK Governments curriculum and specification, the MME English equivalency test covers all topics such as spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension and using their learning portal you can track your progress which enables you to learn which areas you need to work on to enhance your chance of passing your exam.

When you are ready to take your exam, the team at MME will provide you help and support to book your exam. You will then be provided with all instructions and materials needed to sit your exam at home whilst being invigilated via a video call which will last between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on your chosen exam provider and you will receive your results with 14 working days.