The Cardiff Tutor Company has been working closely alongside Maths Made Easy to create the UK’s best revision website for Maths, English and Science. It is a goal of ours to provide our students with as much material and support for their upcoming exams in each subject we help them in.

The ever increasingly popular subject is GCSE Maths, as we are constantly getting asked for tuition in that subject area.

There are many ways to prepare and revise for GCSE Maths exams, however we believe that a perfect place to start is the Maths Made Easy GCSE Maths revision guide. This maths revision guide has been created alongside input from GCSE teachers, tutors, examiners and former GCSE maths students.
We would like to recommend this, due to the entire book being relevant to all of the major UK exam boards including WJEC, OCR, AQA and Edexcel and being offered in both higher and foundation tier versions. The GCSE Maths revision guide takes a very approachable and accessible pathway to furthering your understanding prior to the exams. This is because the layout is divided into chapters for each topic that methodically flow into the next topic where the skills learnt before will be required.

Once you’ve started with your study guide and gained a basic understanding of the topics, there are examples included in the GCSE Maths Revision guide to practice and then self check with the answer book included in the revision guide. You are then in the best place possible to start creating your own revision cards or notes to revise from.

If you are struggling with your revision even with this recommended maths revision guide, Cardiff Tutor Company are here to help you with any obstacles you may be facing from creating revision plans to boosting your confidence in simultaneous equations!