The job market is very competitive right now, so you need to be strong at English and maths. Getting a functional skills qualification would help you reach your goals, whether you’re looking to apply to college, an internship or a job. Pass Functional Skills has many tools to help you do well in education, and Cardiff Tutor Company endorses and suggests their functional skills courses to people who want to improve fundamental skills. 


Employers and schools usually require students to have functional skills in maths and English. Getting these certificates shows that you know how to do basic things like problem-solving, critical thinking, and good communication, which are important skills for doing well in school and at work.



You can see how far you’ve come and where you need to improve by taking online functional skills courses. These courses are also flexible and easy to access. Students with busy schedules can take Pass Functional Skills classes and move at their own pace, which lets them meet their personal responsibilities. 


Courses Offered by Pass Functional Skills

In order to help you get the skills you need for the next step in your job, Pass Functional Skills offers in-depth English and maths courses. Every course comes with practice questions, mock tests, and tools to help you study. You should take preliminary exams and subject knowledge tests before you sign up for the course. This will help you choose the right level and topics for your current skill level.


The subject matter has been set up according to government standards to make sure that every idea is fully understood. They have video lessons, practice questions, and tests that are specific to each subject.


Functional Skills Equivalents

Maths and English GCSEs are often needed for a wide range of jobs, internships and college classes. Functional skills certifications are a faster way to get there, but standard GCSE tests are still available. A level 2 practical skills qualification is the same as getting a C/4 in your GCSEs. You can take simple online functional skills tests all year long. This makes them more accessible than standard GCSE tests, which can only be taken in person a few times a year.



Functional skills courses are an open option for people who are looking for new and more challenging jobs or who want to continue their education. You can take classes from Pass Functional Skills that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to do well on your tests and feel confident going forward. These qualifications, which are recognised across the country, can help you thrive.